TechSmith Smart Player App Reviews

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Did not work

I downloaded the app to take a online class because the it instructed me to in order to see the videos. I could not get the instructional videos to launch in the app.

Video player doesnt play videos

This app is rendered useless by opening the App Store instead of the app when you try to play techsmith player videos.


Everything everyone else said and more. I tried using it to download a lecture and instead of opening the file the app is highlighted in the app store and nothing happens. Pure garbage

Does not work

Only plays into video. My video shows on the iPhone but when you hit play it jumps to the store. Why doesnt the company respond? Everybody has been having this issue.

How to get it to work

Clicking a link in Safari will just take you to the App Store and tell you to download the app, even if you already have it. To get the app to actually load the videos I want to play I had to download a third party web browser (I use Photon, but I imagine you could use a different one). Then when I click links they actually load right.

Use Chrome to load, not Safari!

I have an iPhone 6S+ running iOS 9.3.2. This app will NOT open if you run a Techsmith video through Safari. Instead it will just lead you to the App Store, from where you cant really do anything. I downloaded Chrome and I was finally able to use this app. Wish I didnt have to download this useless app in addition to Chrome just to stream my university podcasts on my phone but I guess it cant be helped.. Not very accessible but it gets the job done. I guess the only upside is that it scrubs really quickly and you get to browse through other podcasts in chronological order. Still useless though. That and the interface is ugly. Thats all.

Intro Video only nothing else

Same comments as others. Clearly buggy. However having been using TS products for two decades, Im confident that they will get this fixed. Hopefully we will somehow be notified.

Works on my iPhone 6s

I use it for school and its great!

this app is garbage

I only got this app because I couldnt watch my lecture videos on my phone through the safari app or the blackboard app. It crashes before the video even loads and sometimes crashes right when I open the app. This app is garbage and we should just be able to watch the videos on safari.



Good app

I need it to watch my blackboard camtasia lectures and thats exactly what it does. It works fine.

Doesnt deserve even a star.

I mean what do you play in your app, self appraising videos that too only one!! Wake up

Awful app!!

Ive made several attempts to play my lecture videos on this app and it wont open any of them! The only video it plays is the intro video!! Looks like several others are having the same problem and nothing has been done. Very frustrating!!

No volume useless!

What good is Is this if there is no sound? Please fix this. no stars from me.

No audio on iphone 5

Im a huge fan and customer of Techsmith products ... but audio would be nice.

Absolute Junk!!

Barely plays anything and constantly freezes when it does play. Do yourself a favor and buy Photon browser and play the video in there. Photons plays the video perfectly.


Fantastic app for as camtasia user.


I cant seem to figure out how to open a video with this app. I did it in the beginning but now it only shows the two I have opened. I dont see how to get back to a menu to open more and when I click on a video I need to watch, it says I have to use Flash. Frustrated!!

Does not work

It crashes almost every time and wont play any videos other than the intro it comes with. DO NOT GET!!

No sound

I like Camtasia, so expected good things from a simple player. but there was no sound at all on the intro/demo file. Too bad. Uninstalling.

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